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UNCLE P by Uncle P (Alfredo E. Phipps, Jr)


Challenging the Unknown

by Uncle P (Alfredo E. Phipps, Jr)

Pages: 196

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • FICTION - Christian - General
  • FICTION - Family Life - General
  • FICTION - Religious

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545680889

Price : $14.99

This book is to encourage people to leave their comfort zone and take some courage to challenge the unknown in their lives.  That fear won’t take them anywhere and they could miss on the most beautiful things in life just because they are too afraid of failure. 
Also, in this book the reader will find out that happiness can be closer than they can imagine, that, they cannot close the door to new opportunities in life, or let the negative voices of people that have not achieved anything in their lives discourage them from their destiny; that staying in the same place struggling over and over with the same situation is a choice, no destiny.
In this story, there are six characters that they don’t know each other but they have something in common, they are afraid of failure.  Until one day, they decide to leave their comfort zone and challenge the unknown to change their lives forever.

Author Photo

Alfredo Phipps, Jr. was born in Samana, Dominican Republic. From a very young age he loves to write stories created from his imagination. In 1994, he immigrates to the United State with immediately family. In 2007, he gets a job working at the IMF as Information Technology Administrator. In 2015, he graduated from Liberty University.  
For many years he was afraid of the unknown, losing great opportunities in his life. From this experience emerge the story of “Uncle P – Challenging the Unknown”.

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