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The Way The Church Ought to Be by Robert Allan

The Way The Church Ought to Be

by Robert Allan

Pages: 280

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781591600695

Price : $16.99

Have you ever wondered?
What is the Christian church? Is it a building, or is it much more? How should the church operate? What kind of leadership do we need, and where do we find them? How should we view spiritual gifts? Should we accept and use them or reject them for being too divisive? Should we evangelize or wait for God to do the job? Who is part of the church? How do we join? Do we sign a membership book, take a class, or are we automatically a part of the Christian church because we are Americans? Is there a blueprint hidden away somewhere that can help us discover the answers to these questions?
Take heart—
God's blueprint for the Christian church is not hidden in some ancient medieval monastery or buried in a mysterious cave guarded by mythical beasts, but is found on the pages of the Bible. Anyone who cares to investigate can read those pages and will discover how God wants His church to be.
The Way the Church Ought to Be was written to speak clearly to the following simple truths:
God has a blueprint (pattern) that reveals how His church should be.
God meant for His blueprint to be acknowledged and followed.
Those who build their churches in disregard for that blueprint are building upon the sand.
Those who build their churches according to God's blueprint will experience His blessings, power, and favor.
The Way the Church Ought to Be is a simple manual on how Jesus Christ builds His church.
Hopefully it will become a source of blessing for believers who are seeking a genuine move of the Holy Spirit in our day.

ROBERT (BOB) ALLAN was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and raised in Chardon, a small town in northeastern Ohio. God directed Bob into the Christian ministry where in 1980 he was the founding pastor of the South Bay Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Torrance, California, serving for eight years. Now a resident of Bothell, Washington, he has dedicated his life to writing and teaching about Jesus and His beloved church.

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