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The Last Trumpet by Samuel Shahid, Ph.D.

The Last Trumpet

A Comparative Study In Christian-Islamic Eschatology

by Samuel Shahid, Ph.D.

Pages: 308

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781597810326

Price : $18.99

Type : Hardcover

ISBN : 9781597810333

Price : $28.99

"Dr. Shahid has come up with a monumental contribution on the comparative study of Eschatology in Islam and Christianity. This work quotes Arabic sources not hitherto mentioned in English works . . . brilliantly organized, written in a wonderfully lucid style which makes it readily accessible to the lay reader. . . . It forever removes the mystery of where Muhammad and the Hadith writers got their ideas. This will be an enduring work for generations to come."
—Dr. Don McCurry, President, Ministries to Muslims
"This book is a must for anyone who has the desire to understand in-depth the forces that motivate sincere Muslims to adhere to their faith and unveils the eschatological differences between Christianity and Islam."
—Kenneth S. Hemphill, National Strategist
Empowering Kingdom Growth, SBC
"A courageous and comprehensive exploration of a vital issue which both unites and divides Christians and Muslims."
—Colin Chapman, Lecturer, Near East School of Theology Beirut, Lebanon
". . . an important analysis of the sources of Islamic beliefs on eschatology, the end of life, and the end of history, examining both the Qur'an and Hadith . . . a most timely study, as it is the hope of Islamic Paradise which inspires the fervor of Muslim martyrs today."
—Dr. Edwin Yamauchi, Professor of History, Miami University

Dr. Samuel Shahid, a Middle East native, has spent most of his life studying and teaching Middleastern culture, religions, history, and literature. He is the director of Islamic studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and the executive director of Good News for the Crescent World. He travels extensively around the world speaking in seminaries, colleges, and conferences. Shahid is the author of over forty-five books in both English and Arabic, including Christian studies, comparative studies, short stories, and novels. Shahid has also translated the Old Testament into the modern Arabic language.

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