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The Translators New Testament by "Rev. Al" Alvin Cordes

The Translators New Testament

by "Rev. Al" Alvin Cordes

Pages: 636

Dimensions: 8.25 x 11

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Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781597815925

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If every “iota and tip (of a Greek letter)” of the law is important to Jesus (Matt. 5:18), and every “s” is important to Paul and the gospel spoken to Abraham (Gal. 3: 16), and we saints are required never to add or take away from God’s Word (Deut. 4: 2; 12:32; Rev. 22: 18f), then how much more important is it that we translate every tense, including the four past tenses, every command, past or present, the moods, especially the subjunctive mood, each preposition, each prefix, each voice, active, middle, or passive, of each noun and each verb as Jesus and His apostles and writers themselves spoke and wrote each for the New Testament?

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Alvin Cordes graduated from Concordia Seminary in Springfield, Illinois, in 1956. In the ’70s he took the two terms of linguistics for Bible translation work. He served 13 years in the parish ministry, some five years in jail and homeless men’s ministries, ten years of English literacy to people of many different nationalities, and English grammar to GED students, over 40 years in nursing homes, sometimes as many as four a week, always preaching and teaching from the Greek. By February of 2005, he had studied every Greek word in the New Testament. He is looking forward to reaching the last 6,800 “unreached dialects,” which include 3,300 Bible-less tribes, with The Translator’s Bible. He also looks forward to locating a few tribal members who will learn enough English to translate gospel messages on tape for their tribes and hold revivals among them until they are ready to come into the 21st century as “disciplers of disciplers” led by their own pastors, evangelists, etc., whom God will raise up among them.

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