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REJOICE! by Patricia Carver Knight


by Patricia Carver Knight

Pages: 240

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781597815994

Price : $15.99

"REJOICE! is a wonderful collection of stories that inspire one to do more than just reflect. Each devotional holds a distinct message of hope—not in 'feel good chicken soup'—but in the God of the universe. Through biblical examples and Pat's engrossing personal anecdotes you will find daily reasons to rejoice! Wonderfully written!"
—Lisa Copen, San Diego, CA
President of Rest Ministries
"Reading Patricia's inspirational writing is like to your spirit, what your body enjoys during a relaxing, therapeutic massage!
—Rev. Greg Harvey, Kansas City, KS
Author of Finding God in Turbulent Times
"Patricia writes some of the best devotionals I have ever read, using everyday situations to show God's presence in our lives, and sprinkling Scripture throughout them to illustrate specific examples of God's love and grace. Patricia's well-written devotionals are both poignant and humorous and always teach us a little more about the Lord, whom she has entrusted with her life."
—Anna M. Popescu, Chino Valley, AZ
Author of A Little Bit of Wonderful
In Patricia's devotionals she relates life's routine occurrences and observances to lessons from Scripture and presents them in a manner that anyone can appreciate. From fragrant flowers to fragile bubbles to laughing grandchildren, you will enjoy Patricia's stories and will be blessed by her insights into the very ways of God.
—Cathy Gilstrap, Winchester, VA
In REJOICE! Patricia elevates God's creations in nature to a magnificent level. Bible characters are reintroduced as they struggle with adversity and celebrate victory. Those who interacted with Jesus augment our contemporary knowledge of His faithfulness.
A compilation of 70 devotionals, REJOICE! promotes God's emphasis of an ageless, abundant joy. Among the commands in God's Word, "rejoice always" is one of the most recurrent.

Patricia Knight is author of Pure Joy. She is the encourager for writers of the Rest Ministries web site and a support contact with the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association (TNA). She loves to encourage and promote God's victorious joy.

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