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A Literary and Historical Commentary on the book of Revelation with Supporting Referents and Notes

by Irene Belyeu

Pages: 404

Dimensions: 8.25 x 11

  • RELIGION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781597818766

Price : $27.49

This book focuses on and exalts Christ. It deals directly with the biblical text, not doctrinal tradition. The text is interpreted in its literary, historical, and cultural context, not that of the morning news. It exposes the roots of astrology, kabbalism, and false church doctrine. It goes to the source of the world's problems with God's answers to today's needs from the ancient text.

In 1929 Irene Barbara Parris was born into a loving family near Shawnee, Oklahoma. However, the death of her father in 1935 left the family in poverty. Irene spent her childhood working in the fields and woods and walking to school and to church. She reveled in the beauty of nature all around her.
When she was about six years old the Lord Jesus appeared to Irene in a vision, smiling, beckoning her to come to Him, and holding a lamp which Irene later came to believe was His gift to her of light. At the age of twelve she began to teach a Sunday school class and held some position in the church for many years.
Irene was married to Darrell Belyeu in 1950 and her family, which now has increased to a total of thirty-one, is a source of great joy.
Irene began an intensive study of the Book of Revelation to answer her children's questions, as well as her own. At the age of fifty-six she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in linguistics at the University of Oklahoma and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. A volunteer tour with Wycliffe Bible Translators gave her insight into translation and literacy. She applied her linguistic training to the research of the context of the Book of Revelation. This present volume is the result of that research.

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