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The Chronology of Revelation by Miroslav Halza

The Chronology of Revelation

by Miroslav Halza

Pages: 220

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781600343384

Price : $15.99

This painstakingly-researched study of the Book of Revelation reveals a duality
within the Biblical text: first a chronology of the Revelation (Chapters 1 – 11),
followed by a climax for the End Times (Chapters 12 – 22). The chronology
follows two lines of evidence. The sources for the first are the Scrolls on the
Heavenly Throne; a source for the second is the prophecy to Israel, as detailed
in the Book of Daniel. The conclusion of the chronology of the Heavenly Book
runs simultaneously with the conclusion of the last week of Daniel’s prophecy;
hence, duality of events exists in the world, too. In the latter half of Revelation,
Lord Jesus — the Author of the Book of Revelation — succinctly explains the
future climate of world events as they relate to the climax of the Church, Israel,
the world and God’s Kingdom.

Miroslav Halza is a teacher of natural sciences, and an author of detailed
commentaries on the Book of Revelation. Born in Slovakia to committed Christian parents
and with a background in the Free Evangelical Church, he himself suffered through
the oppression of Communism. Early in his Christian life, the Lord called him to serious
study of the Book of Revelation. An insight into the future events described in the Bible
makes him very eager to help Christians find joy in studying the Book of Revelation. His
interpretations of the Book of Revelation and related Biblical texts serve “unto edifying
of the body of Christ.” (1 Cor 14:26). Halza’s university graduation in chemistry and his
teaching of the natural sciences helps him view Biblical prophetic passages and their
predicted cosmic changes in a special way. His previous book, “600 Times, No 7 Years,”
and related study materials are presented on Internet.

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