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LUCIFER IS NOT SATAN part 1 by Elizabeth Derry


A provocative reality of the relationship between the Lamb and His Wife

by Elizabeth Derry

Pages: 344

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781600348488

Price : $18.99

For thousands of years the Church has been made to understand that Lucifer
is Satan. God has opened my eyes as He gave me the principles (keys) of the
Kingdom of Heaven which unlocked secrets and mysteries to prove the reality of who
Lucifer really is.
Lucifer which means "the Morning Star" is a position and a posture in the heavenly
realm. The cherub that was placed in that position fell as a result of sin and became
Satan. However that position still remains.
Lucifer was created by the Godhead for the Bride of Christ as we are His most anointed
cherubim. It represents the union of the Lamb (Jesus Christ) and His Wife (the Church)
as We have become One.
Jesus Christ who is the Morning Star, shares this position with the mature Church
as a reward to Her for over-coming the spirit of Jezebel (Revelations 2:28). Come
with me as we explore the reality of Lucifer- the Body of Christ in all of Her glory
and splendor; as we look at vision after vision of the revelations of God's end-time
mysteries revealed to the Church by the Holy Spirit.

Elizabeth prefers to be known as a "servant girl" who has become the Wife of her
Prince Charming - the King of Glory (Jesus Christ). Her ministerial duties have been
wide and varied; from exercising her gifts through a pastoral function to ministering
to the Aboriginal tribes in South America, conference and seminar engagements, to her
latest passion - writing. This budding author has already written 26 books; Lucifer part
1&2, being the first to be published.
Elizabeth and her daughter Christal Claire, a minister in her own rights, consider it a
privilege to be "eleventh hour labourers" in God's vineyard.

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