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Faithfulness, The Surprising Key to a Life of Joy and Meaning by David Bruce Linn

Faithfulness, The Surprising Key to a Life of Joy and Meaning

Including the Story of Boxer and Patch

by David Bruce Linn

Pages: 344

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781602661370

Price : $19.99

From the Introduction to Faithfulness, the Surprising Key to a Life of Joy and Meaning:
 \"None of us has the option of living in a different world. We all have the same one, and it affects every one of us in troublesome ways. A great deal of my time as a pastor over the last quarter century has been spent helping people find ways to live amidst the turbulence of this world. If this spiritual and emotional malaise is unavoidable, then the only possibility for a better way of life is learning how to live above it. The life path of Biblical faithfulness in Christ provides the surprising answer to this universal dilemma.\"- David Bruce Linn
 A moving story of young love, heartache, friendship, and war entwined with 33 insightful Bible studies on walking with Christ through the battles of life
\"I personally owe Pastor Linn a debt I cannot repay. The setting of the sermon series on Faithfulness with Boxer and Patch hit home for me. I feel a personal connection to these messages. They were instrumental in saving me from myself.\"-Frank Grossmann, New York State Police Officer
\"The Faithfulness Series with Boxer and Patch was truly inspirational. It impressed upon me that even though I may not have the strength to carry on, I must. God is my light in this dark world and he does not want me to give up. He will never leave me nor forsake me.\"- Shannon Balmer, Home Health Care Aide

Author Photo

David Bruce Linn is a pastor, radio Bible teacher,
and writer. He has studied at Duke University, Talbot School of
Theology, Hagan School of Business, and the C. S. Lewis Institute.
He has a wife, Barbara, and two sons, Christopher and Alex.

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