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The Unwelcome Journey by Yvonne D. Osko

The Unwelcome Journey

Understanding the Journey of Grief

by Yvonne D. Osko

Pages: 132

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781602664050

Price : $14.99

There are many books written to the bereaved and many messages
given about how the bereaved might try to deal with their loss. I
have written this book with three special things in mind: (1) that
the grieving soul might get a clear understanding that the thoughts
and feelings he/she is experiencing are not just unique to him/her
- but that many, many others are having feelings and thoughts
much like what they are having; (2) that from the experiences of
many who have travelled this unwelcome journey before have
come some ways that seem to help us on the journey; and (3) that
I may give some new insights to the Christian Community and
others, so that they may develop more effective ways to "be there"
for the grieving friend or relative.
-From "Introduction"

YVONNE D. OSKO, M.A., BCCC is a Board Certified Christian
Counselor and a Personal Life Coach. She served with her
husband in Pastoral Ministry in Music, Christian Education, and
Christian Counseling for over 30 years. After his death in 1992,
she moved to Southern California and, since 1994, has served
as leader of the Grief Support Group at The Crystal Cathedral
in Garden Grove, California, for persons who have lost their
spouse in death. She holds membership in The American
Association of Christian Counselors, The Christian Coaches
Network, and The Biblical Counseling & Spiritual Formation
Network, She currently works as a Christian Counselor and
Personal Life Coach at the Wilshire Avenue Community Church
in Fullerton, California

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