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An Eyewitness Account

Pages: 164

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781602665163

Price : $15.49

God has lifted the veil between Heaven and Earth! Caught up by the Spirit of God, Kat Kerr was taken on tours of Heaven for over 10 years and now commissioned to reveal the truth through an Illustrated book. The Foreword (a prophetic Word from God) was dictated to the author by two Scribe angels. Through the illustrations in Volume I of Revealing Heaven, you will be able to visit 'The Portal' where the Redeemed go to view their loved ones on Earth, 'The Rush' - Heaven's largest roller coaster; and the Nurseries for miscarried and aborted babies; and MUCH MORE.. This book also explains God's design for Earth and how it is a 'shadow' of Heaven (where you continue to live a life of joy after death). She also shares about three individuals (one a teenager) she saw while in Heaven and how that information impacted their families on earth. Prepare to be forever changed and receive HOPE for Eternity! For more information go to

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While growing up in a family of 15, Kat Kerr worked closely with her father in a lay ministry that helped street people, widows and those abandoned by society and/or their families. She is a faithful member of her home church (New Life Christian Fellowship) in Jacksonville, Florida and has been involved in many areas of ministry over the past 17 years. Kat has trained and studied under prophetic leadership and has operated in a 'seer' anointing for over 25 years. She is now President of One Quest International which was formed to reveal Heaven to earth. She is a devoted wife (Bing) and mother - Kelly (Budd, Trey, Trinity & Tyler 'on the way'), Kim (Ben) and Kasey. Kat lives in N.E. Florida with her husband, daughter and extended family; her mother Dolly and sister Jen (various indoor pets, a resident raccoon and crazy squirrel). The sign that greets you on her front door reads: This is a HOLY Place. HEAVEN is here and you are Welcome.

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