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And There Were Giants by Edwin Woolsey

And There Were Giants

Into The Land Of Nede

by Edwin Woolsey

Pages: 416

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • FICTION - Christian - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781602665996

Price : $21.49

The five Great Epochs have ascended and declined in their own order. At the dawning of each, the Cosmos has irrevocably changed! Now, the dominions of Earth are passing through the realm of the Sixth Era. Once again, Creation is being renewed.
All is not well inside the Secret Place of Theos or within the Land of Greater Nede! Dark forces have arisen among the Qerubim that are challenging the authority of the High Lord. Into this unnatural conflict, two innocent sapiens have unknowingly stumbled. Invited by Lord Theos, Mada and Ishah leave their home and family to follow the Creator’s call. Journeying into the Forbidden Mountains, the two pilgrims cannot imagine the importance of their role in the Master’s plan.
Unspeakable adventures are waiting along with heart-rending tragedy. Selected to be the forebears of the Adama, Mada and Ishah face their new life together as husband and wife.

Married for twenty-three years, Edwin Woolsey is the father of three wonderful children, ages 20, 17, and 14. For the past 28 years, Edwin has worked as an elementary teacher in the Missouri public school system. A life-long student of the Bible, Mr. Woolsey serves as both Bible teacher and lay minister. Some of the author’s hobbies include gardening, fishing, hunting, and other activities related to nature. His interests in literature encompass history/archaeology and science fiction.

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