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Why God Waits For You To Pray by Thomas Keith Roberts

Why God Waits For You To Pray

by Thomas Keith Roberts

Pages: 152

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781604774764

Price : $15.49

What have you missed by keeping your prayer life on the
back burner? How many benefits keep escaping you
due to lack of prayer? More than that, what disasters might
be headed your way because prayer has been cut adrift in a
sea of apathy?
Is it really true that God doesn't act until you ask... that He
waits for you to pray? And if God waits for us to pray, will our
disappointing failures be turned around by simply asking?
This book will answer those questions. And it will do two
things for your prayer life: First, it will motivate you to
pray more and second it will teach you how to pray more
effectively, using Jesus' prayer life as the template.

DR. KEITH ROBERTS has conducted nearly
one hundred Prayer Enrichment Seminars in
nineteen states and the Caribbean, as well as
speaking on prayer at many national Bible
conferences. He often writes about prayer, and
helped organize a 24-hour prayer counseling telephone
ministry for the CrossView television program, which
generated two thousand calls per week.
For several years he has served as Dean of the CrossView
College of Prayer, a distance learning school designed to teach
students all that the Bible has to say about prayer. The College
of Prayer makes its home at the Calhoun Church of Christ in
north Louisiana, where Keith has been the Preaching Minister
since 1981.

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