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Light Riders by Casandra Moreno Lombera

Light Riders

The Power of the Orbis

by Casandra Moreno Lombera

Pages: 128

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Ministry - Youth
  • JUVENILE FICTION - Action & Adventure - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781609578428

Price : $14.99

Roman whispered to Noah, “I’m going to toss a rock inside the hole just to see if we get a reaction like last night.” 
“Do it,” Noah approved. 
“Get ready to run.” Roman put his hand on Noah’s shoulder. Roman flung the rock into the hollow of the tree. 
“Cease fire or you will be limping to school tomorrow!” a stern voice came from the tree. 
Noah and Roman froze. 
What hidden trouble is stirring up in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountain countryside? Noah, Aspen, Jahan, Roman, and Kenya don’t have time to get acquainted like most new neighbors. Although Aspen is familiar with the unexpected, Noah’s arrival seems to send everyone into a spine-chilling adventure. Mystical friends and devious creatures materialize from the world of the unseen. The kids also connect with the Lord of the Light who helps them crush a treacherous breed of invaders. With supernatural allies to guide them, they must learn to harness the powers of trust, love, and unearthly treasures. 
“I loved it! It was really interesting and made me want to read more.” – Anthony, a 10 year old boy
“I like how Noah and Lazlo have a special relationship and how they communicate with each other.” – Chloe, a 12 year old girl
“Amazingly entertaining… could not put it down! An incredible message; I definitely recommend it!” – Karina Smith, teen ministry counselor and childcare services provider
"This is something that children can really get into. Very imaginative and easy to envision!” – RV Bobbi Martinez, Founder and President of PTL Plus Ministries and Bookstore
Light Riders Author, Casandra Moreno Lombera, and her husband, Rick Lombera, enthusiastically support Hope worldwide ( for their outstanding work serving the severely poor and suffering around the world.  
Book cover design by Daniel Luna & Casandra Moreno Lombera

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