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GATEKEEPER by S.Miriam Clifford


Writing The WRONGS Right

by S.Miriam Clifford

Pages: 636

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Spirituality
  • SELF-HELP - Personal Growth - General
  • PSYCHOLOGY - Developmental - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781612157504

Price : $28.99

Type : Hardcover

ISBN : 9781612155395

Price : $41.99

“Profound, Provoking, Prophetic. Powerful. A must read!” - B. Dwayne Hardin, Millennium Masters, Inc.
“A profound and thought-provoking masterpiece! I can\'t wait to share it with my spiritual leaders.” -Stacy Necessary, Editor
“This book brings revelatory insight in the understanding of who we are as “Gatekeepers!” - Dr. Brett D. Watson
Gatekeeper, Writing the WRONGS right, was written with the intention of eliminating mind spam, allowing you to be brought to higher levels of becoming and being.
Gatekeeper’s purpose is to awaken, inspire and empower the multitude of nations to create lasting change and deep fulfillment in their lives! You will learn to maximize emotional energy, and break negative habits and patterns to clear the root cause of self-sabotage. One’s outlook on life is a very important aspect of healing and well-being. The bottom line is you cannot afford the luxury of fear, anxiety, anger, guilt or depression, no matter what the cause; it has only one purpose, to zap your overall health in mind, body and spirit. The existential calamity about purpose and spiritual meaning in life is a major root cause of many illnesses and diseases of the mind.
If you are searching for a deeper understanding, this book can give you the deliverance in other areas that will bring you forward on your personal path to birth your destiny. The Divine Voice of Truth calls for those who are willing to bear witness to the truth of Christ. In order to become a masterpiece, you have to know the Master.
Just as when a prisoner is set free, you too will recognize that you were that prisoner in your own mind.

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