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ISBN : 9781613794784

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The author of this book was born in the slums of south Baltimore, Maryland. His family was not religious so he had no religious education until a Sunday school teacher gave him a Bible for a Christmas present. He put it away for a couple of years. Then he began reading it and could not put it away. He was just a young teenager when the Bible became his life.
He taught many Bible study classes until all of his time was taken up in teaching. He believed God wanted him to go full time so he applied to seminaries for admission.  His purpose was to learn Greek and Hebrew. He had no college education so it was difficult to gain admission.  He was accepted at Dallas Theological Seminary on a conditional basis, that he must keep good grades.
He finished the four-year course and received a certificate. After graduating he attended Nyack College and graduated summa cum laude. His certificate was then exchanged for a TH.M. from Dallas Seminary.
He has pastored churches of various denominations but adheres to the Bible as the word of God and his guide.  His denomination is “Bible.” He is retired now and lives in Illinois with his wife, Edwina. He is still teaching the Bible and does so whenever and wherever he can.

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