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Two Sides of a Coin by Um Daoud

Two Sides of a Coin

An Egyptian Story

by Um Daoud

Pages: 422

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • FICTION - Christian - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781615796175

Price : $22.99

One country, two distinct religious communities living in a state of tangible tension--this is Egypt. This is where Madame Phardos, a Coptic Orthodox Christian, is trying to help her children become successful against the constant push of the Muslim majority. Education is all-important in remaining above the crowd. This is also where Madame Fatma, a Sunni Muslim, is striving to raise her own family in the midst of growing fundamentalism and economic hardship. In a society where religion is central, members of both families struggle to see how God could bring anything good out of their lives. Yet, good does come, attitudes change and unity is achieved in a way never imagined.

Um Daoud once again provides an insider's view as she draws readers into the complicated society that is Egypt in Two Sides of a Coin. In a land that is known for its religious strife, fundamentalism and disunity, Um Daoud allows readers to have cause for hope as she tells the story of two families and how their lives are unmistakably intertwined. The author of Lust Under the Veil and Things I Never Told my Mother in this story provides a third view of Muslim culture, as well as unique insight into one of the oldest forms of Christianity--Coptic Orthodoxy. The complexities of Egyptian society come alive in this intriguing and enlightening work.

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