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Diary of my pilgrimage of faith by Tecla T. Tawonezvi

Diary of my pilgrimage of faith

" on the Highway of Holiness "

by Tecla T. Tawonezvi

Pages: 174

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General
  • SELF-HELP - Spiritual

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781615799299

Price : $15.49

In this inspiring book Tecla Tawonezvi shares stories from both her own life and the teachings from the Bible. Some of the stories are pretty hilarious; and others are sad and sorrowful. Her life story will have you laughing, then crying—and then pausing for a moment, to contemplate what it means to have faith. The amazing story of her mother’s faith to still find her two kidnapped sons is beyond anybody’s compelling imagination. These stories in Tecla’s life makes you re-examine your own beliefs, and then seek a clearer path in your travels as well as filled with a desire to live by faith. You will certainly learn how to grow into your own absolute potential, simply by following God\'s directions. You will also discover that life\'s greatest accomplishment is doing the will of God, by tapping into your faith.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of copy-editing this book and offering suggestions on its form; I found the task both inspirational and heart-rending. Tecla’s story (like that of her mother, as briefly summarized in the first chapter, dedicated to that strong and faith-filled woman) will certainly lift the spirits of any reader currently walking through the Fires of adversity and life-challenges. It also motivates us to reflect on the (comparatively mild) obstacles we may encounter in our daily lives, to find the courage to rise above them, in partnership with God and our Faith, and to move forward along our own Highway of Holiness.—Steve Trinward, Editor

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