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HIDDEN IN THE CLOCKS: America In The Apocalypse by Frank T. Chisholm

HIDDEN IN THE CLOCKS: America In The Apocalypse

by Frank T. Chisholm

Pages: 202

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - General
  • RELIGION - Eschatology

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781619040595

Price : $16.49

Almost as if crash landing on the highway he calls "gracious" within the introduction —we find ourselves questioning how any author within such a short discussion can hope to deliver on promises as are here presented: A promise to present not only the United States, within the pages of the Bible—but also much of the present world and, particularly, of the third world!
Then, we discover the “clocks”—an amazingly simple use of the number “3½” found hidden in the middle of the Apocalypse (John’s Revelation) and wonder why on earth no one ever saw this curious pattern before. –Or perhaps we already know, or at least suspect the answer as we turn the page and are confronted by the “flash of light” viewed just off the coast of Japan before digging in…and finding that we emerge at the Blessed Hope, in his conclusion.
“Hidden in the Clocks…” is an adventure in Bible prophecy: stretching your imagination as you catch glimpses of heaven’s perspective on its courtship with earth, while finding your own allegiance to the God of time & eternity put to the test. He is also the God of Israel, Bro. Chisholm reveals…and was once the God of the world’s one remaining superpower.
A must read, for anyone seriously considering the destiny of these United States.

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