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A Garland of Emeralds by Laverne Boulogne Van Ryk

A Garland of Emeralds

The struggle for possession of a green string of islands flung across the equator

by Laverne Boulogne Van Ryk

Pages: 366

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FICTION - Christian - General
  • HISTORY - World

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781622304912

Price : $20.99

A Garland of Emeralds covers events in the life of Jasmine Carter and her family. The story begins in late 1941 at a time when freedom fighters are striving for independence from the Colonial Dutch. Also there is danger looming from the North when Japan’s aggressive stance becomes clearer.
Jasmine’s parents came to Java as missionaries from Holland. She has two older sisters, Ellen and Yvonne, and one younger brother, Danny. Her best friend is a native girl called Sari. This friendship continues even when Jasmine discovers that Sari’s cousin Sukandar is a freedom fighter.
Holland has been occupied by the Germans since May 1940, and after the attack on Pearl Harbor there are three months of anxious waiting for the Japanese to attack the Indies. Early March 1942 the Japanese invade Java and the Dutch army surrenders on March 8. Jasmine is devastated when her father is arrested by the Japanese, and sent to a concentration camp. Some months later all white women and children also enter concentration camps. Jasmine has to say good-bye to Sari, knowing that she probably won’t see her friend again.
A garland of Emeralds is based on personal experiences.

Author Photo

Laverne Boulogne Van Ryk was born on Java. After the Japanese invasion in March 1942 she and her family spent three-and-a-half years in various concentration camps, separated from her father. The surrender of the Japanese in August 1945 was followed by an untidy peace. Reunited with her father, Laverne hoped to start her life again where she had left off, but the Dutch were in the middle of a violent Revolution for Independence. In May 1946 the whole family repatriated to Holland. After five years they moved to Canada where Laverne married and raised a family of her own. Laverne lives in Edmonton, Canada.

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