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The Chest of Visions by Tim Ferguson

The Chest of Visions

Secrets of Caperston

by Tim Ferguson

Pages: 126

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FICTION - Christian - General
  • RELIGION - Christian Education - Children & Youth
  • JUVENILE FICTION - Fantasy & Magic

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781622305988

Price : $14.99

What secrets of Caperston does the Chest of Visions hold?
What hope is offered?
Secrets that are more than mysteries; they are lessons in life!
•   What if Jesus did not come to Earth 2,000 years ago but arrived today?
How would we react?
•   How do Christian youth react to adversity, for example, the death of a friend?
•   Is saying “yes’ to the Word of God, an effective definition of faith?
Questions like these are answered in “The Chest of Visions, a story of a world similar, yet clearly different, to our own. The story begins fourteen million years ago when a gravity-defying force appeared and several identical universes were formed. Just as human twins mature differently so did these universes. For our story we consider two: our universe and a universe of a youth named Mattpaul. These two worlds evolved simultaneously and each is more advanced in certain ways. However, one thing is clear. Mattpaul’s world of Caperston was the more orderly until emerging ideas began to challenge age old traditions.
Come visit Mattpaul’s world. Meet his teenage friends and their teacher, Chihaysu, in a story of faith, hope, courage and intrigue.
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Author Photo

Tim Ferguson has been working with Christian youth since 1969. For the past eighteen years he and his wife, Linda, have led a Junior/Senior High youth program in New York.
Tim is the creator of the website, through which he met the illustrator, Jose Carlos Gutierrez of Mexico City. He encourages the reader to use the lessons in Appendix Two to teach young people the outcome of applying the gospel message to one’s life.
Tim has worked for the Department of Social Services for 38 years, primarily in Children’s Services. He is currently the Director of Adult Protective Services.

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