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Equipping Men to Lead In The 21st Century

by G.F. Watkins

Pages: 186

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Inspirational
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Personal Growth
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781622307128

Price : $15.99

Tonight in America, one out of every three children will go to sleep in a home without their father. The severe social and spiritual consequences of fatherlessness are felt in every facet of society, including the Church. 
Like a voice crying out in the wilderness, Dr. Edwin Louis Cole proclaimed the truth and devoted his life to turning the hearts of fathers to the children. Ed Cole, the “father of the modern-day men’s movement,” relentlessly traveled the globe with the message of Christ-like manhood, all the while carefully grooming and growing up spiritual sons. 
Here are just a few of the life lessons you will discover in this book:
• How to Take Your Place in this life and leave your mark
• How a spiritual father impacts your marriage, finances, ministry, and more
• How to identify your father.
• The attributes every father desires in a spiritual or natural son
“This book will give you a good idea of who Dr. Cole was and of the principles of manhood that governed his life and made him the leader he was.”
Bill McCartney
Founder & President, Promise Keepers
“Fathering is the New Testament method of missions, discipleship, and multiplication. From spiritual father to spiritual son, God’s eternal values are transmitted. Pastor G.F. Watkins has lived his life first as a spiritual son to Ed Cole and later in a mentoring relationship to me. He has now become a spiritual father to others. Follow this pattern of receiving and imparting and you will build great, lasting legacies. I encourage you to digest this book and then spend your life helping to mentor others. We can change the world one son at a time!”
Pastor Larry Stockstill
Sr. Pastor Bethany World Prayer Center
Baker, LA
No man becomes great on his own. It takes a mentor. Luke Skywalker had Yoda. The Karate Kid had Mr. Miyagi. And G. F. Watkins had a mentor by the name of Edwin Louis Cole, the father of modern men’s ministry. G.F Watkins’ deeply personal account of his relationship with Cole makes for good reading - and points Christians to the indispensable role that man-to-man mentoring plays in the Kingdom of God.
David Murrow Author, Why Men Hate Going to Church
“We live with a generation of spiritual orphans! The greatest need of the Church today is to bring legitimacy to these orphans. The only way to accomplish this is through a spiritual father. Pastor G.F. Watkins is himself a spiritual son of the late Dr. Edwin Cole and has captures not only Dr. Cole’s heart in this area but has struck at the very heart cry of the Church. This book is a must for all of us!”
Dr. Robert R. Carmen
Missions Director of Christ for the Nations

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