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Citizens' Wake Up Call by Wendy Petzel

Citizens' Wake Up Call

by Wendy Petzel

Pages: 106

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Inspirational
  • FICTION - Political

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781622309115

Price : $11.99


The year is 2016. America transformed, under the dominion of a cruel dictatorship with military control. Opposition was futile. Follow Stephanie’s personal journey of awakening from blind loyalty to sorrowful recognition of deception. Is it already too late? Has apathy made this future inevitable? Lucinda, unlikely friend of Stephanie’s in college, “saw” what was coming and tried to warn others, finding herself expelled from a prestigious American university.
Join Lucinda on a quest to “save a nation” from its collision course with disaster. She has spiritual encounters of the third dimension revealing the true roots of America’s condition. Back in time she experiences America’s history, expunged from school text books. She catapults into a spiritual reality exposing the power of ideas for good or evil. Horrified by the recognition of the dangerous ideas unraveling the greatest nation in the world, she is also given the “key” that will unlock the “power” of “lies” and set the Nation free again.
Bells are pealing as the wake up call to the citizens of this great Nation to arise from apathy. Stephanie and Lucinda, typical citizens join forces to restore this Nation to the Founding ‘Fathers,’ Faith, and Constitution. Will you hear the “call” and awaken from your slumber? Will you join the fight to save a nation?

Author Photo

Wendy Petzel is a professional Counselor and political activist. She is a Senior Ordained Chaplain. Since childhood, she has been passionate for the restoration of America. She founded the Center for Restoration. She studied the Constitution and ‘true’ history of America. She is available for public speaking to political, civil, and church organizations. Go to for more information on how to actively restore your neighborhood, city, or nation. Wendy, her husband, and their two teenagers are active at MorningStar Fellowship Church., Fort Mill, SC.

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