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An End-Times Study, Clear into Eternity by Homer David Pinkston

An End-Times Study, Clear into Eternity

Arranged Chronologically in Scripture, Verse by Verse

by Homer David Pinkston

Pages: 332

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - General
  • RELIGION - Christian Education - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781624192289

Price : $18.99


When you read this End-Times book, you will get to follow Daniel’s, and Jesus’ Dissertation on the latter days, and the book of Revelation and other prophetical books. This is written in a chronological sequence that you may have never seen before. Other books tell of the events and authors add their comments as to when they think such and such will happen. But here the Scriptures are arranged in a chronological sequence verse by verse, passage by passage, and even from biblical book to book, in such a way that it will be an eye-opener to what you have read before!
Let the Scriptures themselves reveal incites that you may have never picked up on, because of the writers mentioning an event, then adding to it, verses or even chapters later. Other biblical books fill in comments on the same event. So when similar comments are placed together, what an impact it can have on the flow of your thought processes! It may bring to your mind even other verses and passages that have been left out. It’s impossible to mention everything that you have read, so you can add your thoughts to these. Of course, you may even rearrange in your thinking some of the events, but these years of work here will sure give you food for thought of a better understanding of just where the world is headed.
Modern inventions are merged into the antiquity records that we have in the Bible, in such a way that it will cause history and prophecy to come alive and come together as you listen and read today’s breaking news. Some very tough times may be ahead and such a book as this can certainly help one be more prepared for them historically and even spiritually.

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