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The Tests and Testimonies of Modupeh by Princess G. Yesuana

The Tests and Testimonies of Modupeh

by Princess G. Yesuana

Pages: 120

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781624193507

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Third-world traditions turned my life upside down, but Jesus set me free.  Born of a family who practiced traditions through blood sacrifices to Satan (including female circumcision and other demonic practices), it took the saving grace of Jesus Christ, which is the power of His blood, to save, cleanse, and renew my life.  That is the only thing that has made me whole again, and turned me into what I am today—one who has never stopped sharing the goodness of Jehovah in my life.
What God has called me to be is the final answer for my life, regardless of what the devil let this world throw at me in the past. Through things that happened to me—both willingly and unwillingly—Jesus still took me in, and showed me love no one is capable of showing me.
I have loved the Lord since I was a little girl. My parents put me through female circumcision, leading me to dislike myself at some points in time, but the Lord has strengthened me to put away all shame and discouragement. Now I help others who have been through such pain and embarrassment, and do not know what to do against it.
After all I went through, now I know God’s plan for my life is to use me to help His children who are traumatized for many years to be set free.
Regardless of where in this world we are from, nothing can save us but the blood of Jesus. My parents perished for many years in their lives, for they had very little knowledge of the truth in the Bible. They went to church, but afterwards would still practice evil, satanic things.
God’s plan for me was not to embrace what my earthly parents taught me, but to use it against their evil deeds and at the end, help them to come to Christ. I thank God that He died first and shed His blood, even before the enemy took my blood to use it against me.
     There are some names in this book that have been changed for identity protection. 
             TO GOD BE ALL GLORY AMEN.

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