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My Doctors Can See You Now by Minnie Boyer Woodruff

My Doctors Can See You Now

A Mother's Story

by Minnie Boyer Woodruff

Pages: 312

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Family

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781624197789

Price : $18.99

Type : Dust Jacket

ISBN : 9781625092298

Price : $34.99

Dr. Minnie Boyer Woodruff grew up in a Central Florida family of eight children headed by two domestic workers during a time when segregation limited opportunities for individuals of color. Despite its humble origins, the Boyer household was replete with parental beliefs that one must love God, develop a strong work ethic, and take advantage of every opportunity that would enable one to make a living with brains rather than brawn. From the stories of Minnie’s youth, one can see how this background shaped a woman who remained dedicated to achieving her dreams and then those of her daughters behind her.
Minnie and her husband, Claude, instilled their 20th-century daughters, Edythe and Conchita, with the traditional values that enabled their own successes. With the resounding theme of “prepare yourself and the doors will open as you approach,” Edythe and Conchita were cautioned against shrinking away from any endeavor. Thus, they developed a deep sense of self that assured them anything was possible if they believed strongly and worked diligently.
Minnie has long desired to share with others the extensive rewards of close parenting based on a strong value system, development of self-confidence, and a spirit of tenacity once a goal is set. In her memoir, Minnie demonstrates that while at times it may be difficult, it is certainly possible to raise children to fly high.

Author Photo

Minnie Boyer Woodruff is a wife, mother, retired school
principal, and a missionary in her church. My Doctors Can See You Now: A
Mother’s Story is an historical reflection on the way she grew up in a family
of eight children with motivating parents and how her experiences influenced
the way she raised her two daughters. It is a story about how a myriad of
positive and challenging events in a mother’s life helped shape the future of
her daughters, Edythe and Conchita, both Board Certified Physicians
Dr. Woodruff grew up in Winter Park, Florida in the decades
of the 40’s and 50’s when integration was not fully realized. Taking the “mother
wit” from her mother and the “academic potential” from her father, Dr. Woodruff
took advantage of every opportunity to realize her own dreams. Rising from the
humblest of beginnings, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Spelman
College, Atlanta, Georgia; a Master of Arts degree from Indiana State
University; and a Doctor of Education degree from Nova Southestern University
in South Florida.
Dr. Woodruff’s story is about how she supported her children
every step of the way to achieve their own dreams. She talks about the everyday
simple accomplishments and unique challenges each one experienced. Mostly, she
shares how she instilled in her children the will to achieve their goals. Dr.
Woodruff does not identify a single, most important quality required for
success, but rather teaches that consistency, approval, and appreciation play a
major part in encouraging children to believe in themselves.

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