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The Untrained Generation by Timothy Sensabaugh

The Untrained Generation

What's Wrong With Youth Ministry?

by Timothy Sensabaugh

Pages: 114

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Ministry - Youth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781624199547

Price : $12.49


What does reality television, Professional
Wrestling, Marilyn Manson, and Star Trek have to do with youth ministry? The
answer is EVERYTHING. They all intersect in the new book by Timothy Sensabaugh THE UNTRAINED GENERATION: What’s Wrong With Youth
In his new book Timothy peels back the curtain
and takes the reader on a high speed behind the scenes look at the difficult
world of youth ministry. The Untrained Generation is a no holds barred look at
the unique challenges and obstacles youth leaders face in today’s increasingly
polarizing churches.
How do
you go from two teens to over
hundred in less than four years?
How does
a church go from the largest youth
group to
NO youth group in three
What do
you do when your senior pastor
is sabotaging
your every step?
How do
you respond when everyone else wants you to quit?
Not only does The Untrained Generation answer those tough questions but it also
talks openly and candidly about some of the biggest mistakes that youth pastors
make in ministry. Timothy Sensabaugh is brutally honest and introspective about
some of his own failures in ministry and how he overcame them.
Timothy’s journey from the highest mountain
tops to the lowest valleys of youth ministry is an
insightful, humorous and objective account that will move you to laughter and
“It’s not always pretty but it never fails to
be honest!”
“The youth ministry book that dares to
challenge the status quo of how ministry is done.”
“An honest look at what it takes to be successful
in youth ministry”
“An essential read for new youth leaders.”

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