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The Search by Robert E. Ryan

The Search

by Robert E. Ryan

Pages: 144

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Inspirational
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth
  • SCIENCE - Cosmology

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781625092175

Price : $14.99


-I had the pleasure of knowing Robert Ryan for many years. I read “The Search” shortly after it was written. While he was writing the book, I ask Robert, why call it “The Search”? He responded, “I want people to discover the meaning of their life and relationship to God”. At first I didn’t understand what he was talking about. As I read “The Search”, I began to understand. The book shows you our beginning, and why we are here, where we are going, and how to improve our time here on earth. The book offers proof of a supreme being. It shows how science and religion can work together to show how a “Creator” formed the universe we all live in. It doesn’t matter what your faith or belief in God is. “The Search” will help guide you as a believer in God and make your belief stronger. If you are not sure, it will help you decide. If you are a nonbeliever in God, it will make you reconsider your stance.
Charles Robillard 
Fall Brook, California 
-Robert, finished his final insert, I AM GOD,” for his book”,
on AUGUST 25TH 2012. Three days later, on August 28th
2012, Robert Ryan finished his personnel search. God called Robert home. I was
asked, by his wife and family, to get his book published. I have read Roberts
book at least five times. He put so much effort into making his book, THE
SEARCH, factual and interesting to read. Each page left me wanting to read the
next. Robert was taking me on a personal search of myself. Finding my own place
in the, Here After, and eternity.
shows, how science in its own way, puts credence to all our beliefs in a
CREATOR, Supreme Being, or God.  THE
SEARCH will take you on a journey to discover a part of you that was perhaps,
lost long ago.
I have been a friend
of Roberts for over twenty years. It is with great pride that I endorse this
Larry Crane                                                                                                                                                                              
Winter Park, Florida  
-I’ve known Robert all his life. I’m his sister Pat. While
growing up, I always knew Robert had a dream. HE talked of the search we all
make, long before he wrote of it.” The Search” will take you on a wonderful
journey to find yourself, something many of us never do. It is a thought
provoking journey that gives you a road map to your inner self. It shows how
science and religion,” in their own way”, support faith and a creator, who
formed this immense universe we all live in.  
“The Search” will captivate, educate, and give you a feeling of inner
peace. It is a must read.  EXCELLENT!!!!                                                                               
Patricia Baker                                                                                                                                                              
Fallbrook, California 
-My life, as the son of a minister, exposed me
to scripture at a young age. The teachings were, man was created in the image
of God. He was crucified and rose from the dead to pay for our sins. My father
instilled in his children, to live by the Ten Commandments. I found many of Mr.
Ryan’s thoughts, in his writings, led me back to my father’s teachings. This is
a book that is a read and reread on a regular basis. Many of the scientific
comments are not that familiar to me, but “The Search” has instilled in me a
need to understand the Universe we live in.
I wished that I had known Mr. Ryan, but that
is now impossible. I live my life primarily by Mr. Ryan’s suggestions, being
kind, politeness and not judging others. I will continue to read “The Search”, as
each reading, will aid in my understanding of the universe and our creator God.
It will take you on a journey to find yourself.
Pierce, Florida

Author Photo

Robert Ryan was born on September 30th 1948 in
Norfolk Virginia. He grew up on 9 acres of large Oak trees and open fields.
He was the youngest of three children, older Brother Ted,
and Sister Pat. The son of Marion and Teddy 
Ryan . They were strict, about honesty, politeness, education and an
intense belief in striving to be the best you can be at your endeavors in life.
They were a great example of these virtues. Teddy Ryan Sr.
was Middle Weight Boxing Champion of the Navy, manager of a Ford Motor Company
Dealership and a Master Locksmith. He and Robert successfully cracked codes for
motorcycle locks. They eventually wrote manuals for the Lock Smith Industry
that are still used to this day. He developed a Key by Code system that made
him a member of the Locksmith Hall of Fame. Robert was also a master locksmith,
taught by his father.
Robert started and played in a rock and roll band in his
youth,” Jade and the Adrians”. He met and performed with, personalities like
Eric Clapton.  He was a member of the
Virginia Beach police force. He worked in Washington as a Decoder Expert. The
position was rated top secret, so the exact job definition is not available.
Robert then chose to attend, Free Will Baptist College. He
became an ordained Baptist Minister in 1982. After graduation he worked with
the Jerry Falwell Baptist Ministry.  Mr.
Falwell gave Robert a bible that was printed for his aged mother. The Old Time Gospel
Hour Bible is a large print edition.
Robert was not finished adding endeavors, to his life. He
started working for H.E.C. services as a designer of inflatable games.  He designed many games, for H.E.C. He then
started his own company of inflatable games. In 1998 he moved the business to
China where he remained for seven years.
At this time in, 2005, he moved back to Fallbrook California
where his sister lives.
Robert started
writing his book at this time. It took many years of research and study to
write about the search everyone makes to find a place, Robert Called Home. He
finished the book in May of 2012. Wrote an insert for the book entitled, I AM
GOD, which he finished on August 25th 2012. On August 28th
2012 Robert went to the place he called HOME. His personal search is over.  He is survived by his Wife Sompong, sister
Pat, and brother Ted, son Robert, and daughter Jennifer.  Bob will be missed by his family and friends.                  

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