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From Dust to Glory by Kiki Forest

From Dust to Glory

An Insider’s Journal of the Vegas Sex Industry

by Kiki Forest

Pages: 414

Dimensions: 6 x 9

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781625093035

Price : $22.49

Type : Dust Jacket

ISBN : 9781625093042

Price : $39.49

What is innocence? It takes many shapes… it can be said that innocence is a benevolent form of ignorance. In each stage of our lives, then, we can have different kinds of innocence – as we grow and learn there will always be things we don’t know. This biography is a captivating journey through one woman’s consecutive stages of innocence in varied spheres: material wealth, foreign travels, romantic relationships and spiritual discernment. In an American society often fascinated by countries that can be seen as exotic and enchanting from a distance, this book will impact readers with what is not seen. Readers will experience Taiwan as the Taiwanese do, learning how different we are, but also learning how much we have in common as the children of Elohim (God). Readers will learn Kitty’s lessons, feel her pain, celebrate her triumphs and most importantly, meet her Maker.
This book is based on the authentic, true life of Kitty, a fictitious name for the author, and insightful accounts of the little known Las Vegas insider sex industry. If even one woman or man from anywhere in the world would read this book, and think twice before reducing themselves to this lifestyle; it will be a blessing, and this book would have served its purpose: to inform, enlighten and hopefully bless those individuals who are considering making “big” money in this sex industry.
Born one of seven children, and rising out of abject poverty, Kiki Forest established herself as one of Taiwan’s most successful real estate sales professionals in the 1990s in the infancy of her career, earning millions of dollars by the age of 22.  
At present, the author is the Senior Executive Vice President of CKBMAX, the global operational headquarters of CKB Group, located in Hong Kong, China.

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