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The Abuse of the Bride by Glenn J. Wilson

The Abuse of the Bride

What every one sees but no one talks about.

by Glenn J. Wilson

Pages: 70

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - Christian Ministry - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781625098450

Price : $10.99

The abundance of our hearts eventually comes to the surface
and suddenly everyone knows what you are thinking, it can
also reveal where you have been and what lessons you have
learned on that journey.
The Abuse of the bride is exactly that. It goes back to my early
days in the Lord and gathers a wealth of experiences lived out in a period of
forty years. I as Peter and John in their response to the council can’t help but
speak the things that I have seen and heard.
Living in the north east of the United States for most of my life, it’s not
uncommon to witness a fight where someone is being badly beaten and no one
steps in to help, we call it minding our business. Fortunately what is permissive
in the world could be seen as the sin of silence in the Church.
My sole motivation for writing this book is to shed light on some infractions
that I have witnessed over the years, their repetitiveness and increscent presence
in the Church sets off an alarm in my soul because many have accepted these
abusive measures as the norm and the voices that should cry out in defense of
the bride have gone dim and silent.
Whether you agree or disagree with me once you see what I am thinking,
I hope I can steer you into discovering a more excellent way of serving the
Church, the bride of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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