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The Scars of the Chosen by C.D McMillan

The Scars of the Chosen

by C.D McMillan

Pages: 204

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Abuse - Child Abuse
  • FICTION - Christian - General
  • DRAMA - American - African American

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781626973497

Price : $15.49


Taylor Ann Burnzette wakes up in the hospital, beaten and bloody. She feels safe and comforted for the moment. Her favorite cartoons are on the television, and kind nurses bring her pancakes. But Taylor worries about what to tell them when they ask who hurt her. And she wonders what will happen to her when her mother comes back to get her.
Little does she know that her mother will never come back. Her mother will never hurt her again. But Taylor’s problems are far from over. Her wounds are slowly healing, but what will she do about the scars that only she can see?
In The Scars of the Chosen, Taylor, an intelligent, beautiful girl who yearns for the love of a real family, takes us with her on her journey to find a true home. Along the way, she discovers truths about God and the world around her that help her to overcome her horrific childhood, and she learns the secrets about her family and herself that help her to understand it.

Author Photo

C.D. McMillan lives with her two sons in Louisville, Kentucky, where she is a member of Canaan Christian Church. A victim of child abuse, Miss. McMillan has found healing and nurture in her relationship with God. She prays for families to heal from the evil of abuse and to be restored through the work of the Holy Spirit, and she believes that her books will be a part of that process.

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