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PREACHING with F.I.R.E.'s E.T.A. by By Ken J. Burge, Sr.

PREACHING with F.I.R.E.'s E.T.A.

Preparing and Delivering Sermons with God’s Holy Fire

by By Ken J. Burge, Sr.

Pages: 154

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

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Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781626975071

Price : $15.49

Preaching with F.I.R.E.’s E.T.A. will rivet novice and experienced preachers alike to their seats, and the hearers of your preaching will be glued to their pews when the principles of this work are applied. The traditional ways to study a text of Scripture through cold and clinical analysis will be replaced with a four-step process (F.I.R.E.) that reveres the Bible as a living Word that speaks of a personal relationship with its Author. Moreover, once the F.I.R.E. is kindled, the author will guide you to developing points including the vital and often-missed theological step. (E.T.A. is the acronym used to show this necessary phase of sermon assembly.) Next you will be escorted through the sermon delivery process. The author then demonstrates how the Holy Spirit is the exegete’s tour guide through the preparation process and subsequently speaks in confluence through the biblical text during delivery. There is an intriguing section titled An Extreme Takeover from a Friendly Force that addresses the Holy Spirit’s ability to supernaturally use well-prepared messages. Further, how can the messenger of God’s Word be assured he’s representing God’s Bible accurately? Two chapters are devoted to give a history of preaching, examining both authoritative and nonauthoritative preaching samples. The writer then gives a paradigm how to preach with God’s authority. The work culminates with a sermon based upon 1 Samuel 17 with the classic text featuring David versus Goliath that the author preached displaying the skills shared in this work.

Ken J. Burge, Sr. (A.A., B.A., Washington Bible Church; M.A., M.Div.,
Capital Bible Seminary; D.Min., Dallas Theological Seminary) has been
the Senior Pastor of Colmar Manor Bible Church for twenty-two years. His
preaching articles can be found in Preaching and at He
is a member of the Evangelical Homiletics Society and the IFCA

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