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Think like a GODLY man... Act like a Virtuous Woman... by T.D. Brown

Think like a GODLY man... Act like a Virtuous Woman...

Understanding the Men of God, and Help Confirming the man that God has for your life.

by T.D. Brown

Pages: 158

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • SELF-HELP - General
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Love & Romance

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781626976023

Price : $14.49


A godly man is not afraid to tell you he loves you. He’s just afraid that you will not tell him….you love him back”-T.D.Brown(
To understand the Godly man, author T. D. Brown turns his attention to the topic of understanding how a “Godly” man thinks when it comes to relationships, giving you insight on some of their perspective on love, money sex and God. Once you understand how the Godly man thinks, it will help you discern the right match and mate that God has for your life, and help you make the right decisions in your relationships.
Known for his famous daily relationship advice on Face-book, Pastor T.D. Brown takes a practical approach to understanding a Godly man’s thought process when seeking the woman and Wife that goes has destined for his life; and many more issues that you face while in a relationship, as friends, former relationship partners, marriage and even how to move on after divorce.
Relationship Tip: You can't make anyone love you. You're waiting on them to love u back & calling it faith, when the truth is you're just wasting your time......If they can respect your level of standards in God, don't go back down to theirs. Just wave from the balcony & be done with it...T.D.Brown

T.D.Brown is the CEO of T.D. Brown Ministries, LLP; founder and senior Pastor of The Threshing Floor Christian fellowship Church of Macon, Ga. Inc.; and the author of “Pray on Purpose”. He has been the guest on national television broadcasts, and is constantly sought out for relationship advice and counsel.
Visit T.D.Brown online at , and Facebook;pastortonybrown

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