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The RAFT Strategy by Laurett Ellsworth Arenz

The RAFT Strategy

How to Build Your Tax-Free Nest Egg Without Risk

by Laurett Ellsworth Arenz

Pages: 172

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS - Finance - General
  • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS - Insurance - Life
  • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS - Strategic Planning

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781626976993

Price : $14.49


Laurett Ellsworth Arenz is the founder of Heroes Talk Radio LLC and Freedom Financial Network where she and her husband Dave co-host a weekly National radio program. They have trained hundreds of financial professionals throughout America on the RAFT (Retirement Approach Free of Tax) Strategy and other risk-free options to help individuals build their Nest Egg. Laurett and Dave own HERO’S Strategies, Inc., a licensed insurance agency that serves over 2500 clients located in many States. They reside in Florida and the DC Metro area and are blessed with 7 grown children, who are the parents of 11 and counting.
• Find out why Zero is Hero in a down market
• Achieve POM POM - Plenty of Money & Peace of Mind
• Experience Tax-Free Living and Giving
• Protect your family and your assets while getting a great RoR
• Use IRS rules to make Uncle Sam your partner...not your foe
“Laurett paints a clear picture of how to achieve a life of abundant prosperity through little-known, yet sensible alternatives to traditional retirement planning.”
Duane T. Myers, RFC - Myers Financial Group 
“Written with wit, wisdom and intelligence, this is one of the most comprehensive books on financial planning I have read. Parents ought to share it with their children so the principles and insights within it can be absorbed and acted upon early in life.”
Ethan Gluck - Founder GD Capital Partners
“RAFT dispels numerous myths many of my clients held about creating real wealth. You’ll be glad you read this book before making another retirement planning decision.”
Chuck Ward, MDRT-Top of the Table - Ward Financial Resources, Inc.

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