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Satan you Lose Again by Kirk J. Anistead

Satan you Lose Again

by Kirk J. Anistead

Pages: 68

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - General
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Personal Growth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781626978140

Price : $9.99

I Author Kirk J. Anistead am grateful that God gave me his Holy Spirit, to once again inspire people to know him better, and allow his holy truth to prevail. This was done through obedient submission; in which he was the first example unto us. God the Father, the son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. He duplicated himself, so we can understand how important it is to be under submission of authority.
In attendance of daily church service, I also joined several different ministries. So I may learn more about him, thus gaining an intimate relationship with God, standing in righteousness, of his holy spirit.
(Proverbs 24: 5-6), a wise man is strong: yea, a man of knowledge increases in strength. 6; for by wise counsel thou shall make thy war: and in the multitude of counselors there is safety. 
Wisdom makes people powerful because knowledge provides strength that goes beyond the physical. A group of wise people can achieve victory in whatever they do.
The athlete who thinks- who assesses the situation and plans strategies-has an advantage over a physically stronger opponent. And wisdom, not muscle, is certainly why God has put people in charge of the animal kingdom, like when he first gave it to Adam. We exercise regularly and eat well to build our strength, but do we take equal pains to develop wisdom? Because wisdom is a vital part of strength, it pays to attain it.
In any major decision we make concerning college, marriage, career, children etc., it is not a sign of weakness to ask for advice. Instead, it is foolish not to ask for it. Find good advisers before making any big decisions. You can gain wise consulting from your parents, pastor, reverends, ministers, or fellow church and family members, even your boss at work. They can help you expand your alternatives and evaluate your choices. 
This is what kept me a float all through the years. Although there had been times in life where I made mistakes, God forgave me, and surrounded me, with people of sound minds, with a spirit anointed in God’s divine wisdom. I thank you Heavenly Father, for every person you put in my life, by this you have shown me the difference between your spirit and Satan’s.
Your divine wisdom is what gives me the advantage over any of the adversary tricks, that’s placed in front of me. Blessing me with common sense to know that no matter what the circumstance may be Satan has already been judged by you Lord God Almighty and lost the war. That’s why all praises are due to you Heavenly Father. As I shout Shabach!!! “Hallelujah to you Lord God the All-Powerful”!!!!!!! In Jesus Christ mighty name I say Amen!!!!

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