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CrossTalk by Ed Meshler


70 soul-provoking renderings

by Ed Meshler

Pages: 296

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Inspirational

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781628394085

Price : $17.99

“Thought-provoking… spiritual gemstones… Ed always stays within the shadow of the cross.” 
- Robert Thomason, Crossroads Journal 
In today’s social climate of angst and trouble, Ed Meshler strives to live a life of clarity and hope only found in Trinity God – and for ten years, he’s written of such things in his monthly column CrossTalk (for the Crossroads Journal publication, based in the Greensboro, NC area).
Collected here are 70 of the best CrossTalk columns during the past decade. With topics as diverse as “Overtly Christian”, “TLWKUS”, “Ragamullin heart”, “Christmas Yard Art”, “Fight the darkness”, and ‘Thermal Christianity” – Ed leads the reader down a winding narrow pilgrim’s path that always leans on the Godhead for direction, stability, and strength. 
These columns are devotional in style and will cause you to think – and to look up. Pick up this book and join Ed on an eye-opening, energized spiritual journey.

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Ed finished his undergrad work at Liberty University and received his Masters Degree from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. His is a native of Burlington, NC, the husband of Robin, the father of Sam and Ginger, the father-in-law of Brittany, and the grandfather of Coen. Ed has authored Odd God and Upward Obsession, and is a pastor, a Bible teacher, a reader, and always a bit of a ragamullin…
The rest of Ed’s time is consumed by family, friends, youth work, music, art, sports, travel – and an ever-expanding appreciation of Trinity God and His goodness. 

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