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Rare Spiritual Robotics by John McCann

Rare Spiritual Robotics

Faith is the DNA code of God and Robotics is an analogy of this Rare Spiritual substance in motion on the earth.

by John McCann

Pages: 256

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Theology - Soteriology
  • PSYCHOLOGY - History
  • SCIENCE - Earth Sciences - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781628395808

Price : $16.49


Have you heard that “God does not make robots”? Does this mean that God cannot control His creation? Indeed, man does have choice in the natural world, but the Spiritual world is different. Only God can make Spiritual decisions. God is Spirit and He controls the Spiritual world. Meanwhile, man is of the dust of the earth and controls some of the natural world. In religion, the natural and the Spiritual worlds are often blended together, but there is a difference concerning Who controls what. In order to understand the Bible, you need to understand the different components of the two worlds. Jesus said that if His kingdom were of this natural world, His servants would fight (see John 18:36). The sovereignty of God stands on the statute that God has allowed man limited control in the natural world, but no control in the Spiritual world. However, man can operate in the Spiritual when God programs and controls him, not exactly like a robot, but closer to a robot than a free independent agent. Spiritual Robotics is through faith, the DNA code of God, when planted into a human heart produces a righteous walk in step with the signals, anointing, commands and will of God. Therefore, the analogy of a robot is appropriate when God programs and controls man, whether in the natural world or the Spiritual world.

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John McCann is a student/teacher of the Bible with a non-traditional Th.D. from Christian Life School of Theology.

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