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The Season: Chronicles of The Golden Age Book I of III by Lora L. Crombez

The Season: Chronicles of The Golden Age Book I of III

by Lora L. Crombez

Pages: 316

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - General
  • FICTION - Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781628397567

Price : $17.99


Soberly Queen Katherine stated, “In such times in which we now live, to be prepared, we must think the unimaginable to combat those who image the unthinkable.”
“Receive and remember. Share and remind. All for the Kingdom.” The toast of The Season storyteller and the author as she tells of a princess, a family, and a kingdom in crisis.
The Season is the story of a fictional young princess, Onareel Elé, affectionately known as The Pink Princess, who escapes her palace for a day to experience life outside the palace walls. It goes from innocent to exciting, as she is changed through the people she meets and ordeals that she endures.
In The Season, the princess’ friend asks, “The only thing I carry is a message. Surely the kingdom cannot be afraid of a young girl with a message?” The author’s question is, “Can it?” How different would the kingdom be if all young women were empowered by this mysterious thing called The Voice?
What is the color of power and control? Immaturity and vulnerability? Devotion and duty? Hope? Friendship? What is the color of adventure? Is it pink?

Lora Crombez has always been a storyteller. Whether entertaining her kindergarten students during snack time, or in the counsel given to her incarcerated high school students at a residential treatment facility, she told stories. From the production of two sacred musicals to the Life of Christ depicted in her choral compact discs of “Mother and Child (Christmas 2013) and “Celebrate! He Is Risen” (Spring 2014), she told His story.  The Gospel is woven creatively throughout The Season as well.
Lora and her husband René make their home in Southeastern Michigan. Mrs. Crombez is busily working on Book II in this Pink Princess series, Chronicles of The Golden Age, called The Journey.
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