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Dogs Really Do Go To Heaven by JoAnne Callaway

Dogs Really Do Go To Heaven

A 'Tail' To Lift Your Heart

by JoAnne Callaway

Pages: 134

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • PETS - Dogs - General
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Death, Grief, Bereavement
  • FICTION - Religious

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781628399974

Price : $15.49

“The most amazing thing to me at this
moment was that suddenly all my senses were heightened to levels I never
experienced on earth. After all, I was a dog and dogs just don’t have the level
of understanding that I had now.”
     Pal is a dog who has
just discovered she has entered the eternal realm and she is utterly amazed at
what she is now beholding as she sees heaven for the first time. She expresses
her amazement throughout this fun narrative describing awesome places that we
one day will be able to share with her.
     Join Pal as she meets old friends, dog and
human alike, and explores the beauty and awesomeness of a world we can only
dream of. Walk down golden streets, slide down huge waterfalls and climb
mountains that emanate spicy aromas. Discover the supernatural ways of heaven
as Pal finds out time after time that heaven is larger
and more fun than anything she could have imagined.
     Stand with her as she
feels the emotions and utter joy of meeting Jesus, her Creator, for the first
time; the very reason she is here at all. Watch as she describes being able to
see her loved ones back on earth. Find rest, peace and encouragement in the
very real future that awaits every believer- one that does include our adopted
family of cherished pets.
     Filled with fun,
faith and freedom, this is the book for anyone who shares in God’s love for the
wonderful animals He gives us as companions. What will it be like for Pal when
she is reunited with her master and all her canine siblings? Read ‘Dogs Really
Do Go To Heaven’ and you will find out how wondrous heaven will actually be.
Pal’s experiences in Heaven are taken
from the true encounters Kat Kerr shares in her book ‘Revealing Heaven.’

Author Photo

JoAnne Callaway has been an avid animal
lover and advocate for most of her life. She has rescued and raised six dogs
and four cats and continues to help animals in need. She also dedicates her
life to sharing and promoting the message of hope of the truth of God’s love.
She wants everyone to know that because we have a Father who loves us so much,  He brings our pets to heaven too, and
one day we can all be reunited and live forever in that glorious place.

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