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Spirit of the Warhorse; Kitty Silverwings, An Appaloosa Story by Patti Ansuini

Spirit of the Warhorse; Kitty Silverwings, An Appaloosa Story

by Patti Ansuini

Pages: 138

Dimensions: 6.14 x 9.21

  • PETS - Horses
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Inspirational

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781628711851

Price : $14.49

Spirit Of The Warhorse, Kitty Silverwings, An Appaloosa Story
A true story of
courage, faith and a powerful love that refused to take no for an answer.  Kitty Silverwings was born a descendant of
the ancient lineage of legendary Native American warhorses.  In spite of being born completely shattered,
she had a cool steady look that spoke of the fire of life, of God’s miracles
and a promise that she would never give up her battle for survival.    
In telling the story of Kitty
Silverwings, Patti Ansuini shares a compelling example of the spiritual bond
that can form between humans and horses.  Although often hard to explain,
the connection is clearly understood through the emotional saga of Kitty and
the challenges she faced.  Countless horse owners will tell of special
moments of understanding, but Ansuini gets deeper and leaves the reader
believing in the authenticity of spirits from the past and the power of prayer
to whatever form of divinity it is that watches over our animals.  Kitty
happens to be an Appaloosa, so that makes for an intriguing tale beyond what it
would be if she were ‘just a horse.’
Taylor, CEO, Appaloosa Horse Club, Inc.

For those who might be cynical
when it comes to miracles, the true story of
Kitty Silverwings might change
your mind.  Born with multiple life threatening defects her owner Patti
Ansuini was advised by her Veterinarians that the humane thing to do would be
to euthanize the chestnut blanketed filly immediately.  Ansuini, who says
she doesn’t hope for miracles, she counts on them, spent the next three months
sleeping in the filly’s stall, helping her stand to nurse, bandaging legs,
dressing wounds and providing physical and moral support when all efforts seemed
lost.  If you love horses, or just an inspiring read, you will enjoy this
well-written, compelling story of love, courage and dogged determination.
                                                Darrell Dodds, Publisher, Western
Horseman magazine
Much has been written about the
human-animal bond.  From the Nez Perce Indians and following through the
author’s life.  Kitty Silverwings is a book that exemplifies that special
connection that many of us find with the horses in our lives.  This is a
story of courage and perseverance.  There is something about a horse that
can lift your spirit and allows one to face daunting adversity.
Richard McCormick, VMD
Kayashima, DVM,

Veterinarians, Valley Animal Hospital

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