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Islamerica by Alexander Wilbur Fredrickson


The Countdown Begins

by Alexander Wilbur Fredrickson

Pages: 678

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FICTION - Christian - Futuristic
  • FICTION - Thrillers - Suspense
  • FICTION - Action & Adventure

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781628714227

Price : $31.99


The reviews are pouring in for Islamerica:  The Countdown Begins
“An intelligent, dramatic read—and possible glimpse into the future!”
“A colossal cast of compelling, courageous, and compassionate characters!”
“Intricately plotted and comprehensively developed!”
“The preface alone offers a powerful and staggering criticism of the insidious nature of the attack on not only our nation, but any nation that does not specifically and resoundingly follow the correct brand of Islam!”
Devastated by a series of massive, brutal terror attacks, the United States of America teeters on the brink of extinction!  Anarchy reigns as the shattered Land of Liberty becomes the gridiron for a proxy war between two powerfully evil enemies who both desire to rule the world.   The winner will be worshiped worldwide as the Antichrist!
Meanwhile, the newly sworn-in and faith-filled American President and the now Messianic Prime Minister of Israel find themselves playing the roles of catalysts, as their faithful actions hasten the arrival of the Last Days—if they can survive the fatwahs on their lives!  
In this timely tale of terror, the precarious fate of the masses intertwines with the heartrending tragedies of individual believers who face extreme levels of persecution and horrific means of elimination.  Can they stand firm in faith or will they be crushed under the weight of their suffering?
Ripped from today’s headlines, even the preface shows where we are, how we arrived here, and where we are headed in terms of islamization.  Focused on the Muslim gains and threats of 2013, the preface itself is a must read!
Picking up where Islamerica:  Isa, Y’shua, Jesus left off, Islamerica:  The Countdown Begins challenges you to examine yourself.  Are you ready for this possible picture of the days ahead?  If so, when you have fought your way through the pages of this second volume of the Islamerica trilogy, will you have the strength and courage to take on the final installment?

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