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The Battle of God and Evil by Carlos A. Patterson

The Battle of God and Evil

Reconciling with God true faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

by Carlos A. Patterson

Pages: 318

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Christian Theology - Soteriology
  • RELIGION - Christian Ministry - Evangelism

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781628719482

Price : $17.99


The conflict of good and evil directly concerned and judicially involved all of us because we all have sin against God.
The Battle of Good and Evil: Reconciling with God’s True Faith in the Gospel of Christ is a masterfully written and compelling book that describes in detail the problems of sin. Author Carlos Paterson puts much effort into breaking down factors surrounding motivations for sin, is spiritual and moral implications, and is retribution and punishment. Readers explore his unique perspective on the origins of sin, transmission, its consequences and solutions to sin through Biblical teachings and inspiring commentary. Courteous and dignified, it is a tremendously forceful, orderly and systematic presentation of the doctrine of Sin and Reconciliation. In it the Author presents the Biblical Gospel in an expository, pastoral and constructive manner.
Patterson also incorporates thought-provoking questions regarding the nature of sin that are not present in many discourses. His book deeply looks at various scenarios at length that sin flourishes such as:
How it was possible for a holy creature who is in a state of moral perfection, devoid of any corruption, to fall in to sin?
How does an innate sinful nature originate in each human being at the beginning of their existence?
How do the consequences of sin impact society and the individual?
What is the true nature of freedom and the way out of sin?
Are men basically good? Those every religion leads to God?
What is the way of reconciliation with God and eternal life?
How can we live enriching lives and avoid getting caught in sinful lifestyles?
Patterson provides enlightening information and Bible verses to encourage you to overcome sinful urges through empowerment with God. The story of Adam and Eve is explained in a way that The origins of sin are explored in depth, as Patterson uses other lesser known examples of sinful activities and lifestyles that hinder your relationship with God.
This book is a must read for readers looking to transcend sin and form a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God through understanding the Gospel from a Divine perspective.

Carlos A. Patterson is a consultant in computer science he hold a Ph.D. in Theology from the Nation of Prayer Institute and He is from a Reform theology background He has held the position of Director of student affairs, Evangelist, and Radio minister. He is a dynamic Expository preacher and author. He is married to Luz Marina Fletcher and resides in Los Angeles California.

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