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God's Design for Marriage Husband-Wife Relationship by Mona Tycz

God's Design for Marriage Husband-Wife Relationship

Husband-Wife Relationship

by Mona Tycz

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Marriage & Long-Term Relationships
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Love & Marriage
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Relationships

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781629522043

Price : $14.49

Have you ever asked yourself: What is God’s design for marriage?
What is His purpose for the husband-wife relationship?  Do I really understand this and am I living
According to Dr. D.L. Mitchell,
Pastor, Chaplain, Lt. Col. (Retired, USAF): 
“Mona Tycz has done the heavy lifting of critical study and has offered
us the fruit of her labor in her near exhaustive work: God’s Design for Marriage Husband-Wife Relationship! Mona’s
past has prepared her to approach difficult subjects with an analytic
predisposition causing her to ask and search for meaningful questions while
accepting HIS unchangeable answers. 
I believe all who read God’s Design for Marriage Husband-Wife
Relationship will place it at the forefront of their library and use it
time and again as a critical resource in helping and encouraging others!”
This book takes you through an inquiry into God’s design for
marriage using the Bible as its source material.  The research was tested in numerous
conferences with married couples, singles, even high school students, with
pastors and their wives, and with ministers and their wives.  In this book format, you can choose to study it
on your own, with your spouse, or in a small group format.  Parents and youth groups can use it as a
study to teach youth so they can understand God’s design and purpose of
marriage as well as the defiant alternatives mankind has instituted and followed.
Studying this book will enable you to grasp a far greater
perspective of marriage than “What’s in it for me?”  Imagine understanding marriage in a way that
you can perceive the majesty in the marriage structure.  This study can alter how married couples
perceive themselves and their spouses as well as alter how single people relate
to married couples.   You will explore
how living marriage as God has designed it, provides a window into Christ’s
relationship with the Church, and the Church’s relationship with Christ.  In addition, it provides a window into seeing
the Trinity and how the three Persons of the Trinity relate.   Your understanding of marriage will grow as
you become aware that marriage is truly sacred, designed by God.  
This is not a “how to” book on marriage.  Rather this is a study of what the Bible says
regarding marriage.  It will not offer
multiple lists of “how to” as it is intended to open the reader’s perception
and regard for marriage.  It addresses
some difficult issues such as Authority and Submission, removing the deception
they are held in, by revealing what God says and demonstrated regarding each.   This isn’t a fix-it book; it is a critical
study of the Bible intended to distinguish God’s
Design for Marriage Husband-Wife Relationship. 

Author Photo

Mona Tycz is 66 years old and has known Christ as her Savior
since 1996.  She has served as the
director of a woman’s ministry and as the Assistant to the Adult Education
Director of Calvary Road Baptist Church. 
She served as a missionary in the Dominican Republic for over a year
where this work was tested in a conference environment.  Mona graduated from the Calvary Road Bible
Institute and has the gifts of evangelism and teaching.  Her greatest desire is to serve until the day
she is called to go home.  Having worked
for over 20 years as an engineer and manager in the aerospace industry, Mona
has acquired the discipline of inquiry and study which she now applies to
researching the Bible.

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