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GOD'S BLUEPRINT: GOD'S Nature In Man by Ray C. Van Tassell Jr. As revealed by the Holy Spirit


by Ray C. Van Tassell Jr. As revealed by the Holy Spirit

Pages: 334

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Theology
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Warfare

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781629525563

Price : $18.99

The true spiritual blueprint of GOD was revealed to Paul while he was in Arabia being taught by the Spirit through revelation knowledge. He was held there captive by the Spirit for three years as the logos word, the Old Testament scrolls, Paul had planted in his heart over the years as a Pharisee were made alive in him. One moment Paul was killing many of the saints as GOD the Father willed, the next Paul was teaching the revelation knowledge he had received to the Jews who were ordained to eternal life. When most of the Jews refused his spiritual message, Paul turned to the Gentiles who received this rhema word with gladness due to the fact GOD the Father had prepared their hearts to receive His truth. GOD was also going to use the Gentile nation as a whole to make the Jews jealous via their understanding and obedience to His voice as His divine nature would be revealed in and through them. GOD the Father placed a veil over the Jews hearts for their refusal and unbelief to hear His voice and obey and stop walking by their own self will of the flesh thinking they were pleasing to GOD the Father. This same spiritual blueprint is being revealed to the sons of GOD today as He is preparing their heart to teach the world His truths during the millennium reign of Christ so all will be made alive in the Spirit to hear this truth. All will be made alive and hear the true spiritual blueprint because Satan, the angel of light, will be removed until all have had a chance to walk by the Spirit and make up their own mind who they want to serve, GOD or the devil. 

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