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Highway to Hades by Dylan and Colleen Martin

Highway to Hades

It's all bout eternity

by Dylan and Colleen Martin

Pages: 210

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Inspirational
  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Medical (incl. Patients)

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781629528458

Price : $20.49

This autobiography is a
frank, and sometimes humorous, account of Dylan's miraculous recovery from a
severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). It is shared not only from his
perspective, but also from his mother's, who journeyed alongside him during his
three years of intensive rehabilitation therapies. 
Dylan's recovery has defied all medical odds and he has been encouraged to tell
his story as a means of encouraging others going through similar devastating
At the very foundation of this journey, is the absolute conviction that our
Most High God has worked many miracles, with perhaps the most significant one
being that while the MRI clearly reveals the scarring from the tearing in the
brain, Dylan's EEG is clinically normal. Had those neural connections not been
in place, no amount of therapy would have been able to re-establish the neural
pathways. (Picturing all the cabling being disconnected from the CPU of your
computer is a concrete way of describing what takes place with a Diffused
Axonal Injury, the type of brain injury Dylan sustained. No amount of effort on
the part of the computer will convey the necessary information to the screen or
the printer, if the cabling is detached.) 
90% of people who suffer this type of injury, never waken from a coma, and the
1 in 10 who do, are usually severely impaired. Not only has Dylan written this
book, but he has achieved a level of dependence way beyond anything that was
This story is very real as it shares the depths of the pain experienced emotionally,physically,
mentally and spiritually. But it also celebrates the reality of the promises of
our Most High God. 
Not only does it share practical tips on what families can do at home to
support their loved ones, but it highlights some alternative therapies which
can be used to support a TBI patient in a more holistic way.

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