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Words of Encouragement Through by Elizabeth Taylor-Anglin

Words of Encouragement Through

Prayer - Communicating with God The Word - Listening to God Faith - Believing and Trusting God

by Elizabeth Taylor-Anglin

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 6 x 9

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  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Prayer

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781630501266

Price : $14.49

Evangelist Elizabeth Anglin was born to Doris Maud Reid as Elizabeth Taylor on June 13, 1935 in Free Hill, Saint Mary, Jamaica.
She is the first of eight children and the oldest of the four girls. From about twelve years old, Elizabeth had a yearning to have, “More of Jesus” in her heart, and she told her mother of this yearning and her desire to tell others of the joy Jesus brought her.  Her mother’s positive responses and support clearly steered her on the path to a closer relationship with Christ and a life of unceasing praying.

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Elizabeth Taylor-Anglin writes from her heart and her years of experience as an intercessor. She makes her case carefully for prayer as an ever-relevant biblical mandate through which we participate in the advancing of God’s kingdom in the earth. She uses scripture as a primary source coupled with other teachings to present a reasonable written discourse. She encourages the reader to maintain a substantial diet of reading the Bible to inform their praying.
She also cautions about too much talking when it comes to prayer, and she places much value on stillness and silence before God as a means of refining our ability to hear from God.  This book is an easy read and serves as another witness that it is the effective fervent prayer of the righteous that prevails through life’s darkest experiences - be it personal; congregational; national or global.
Frank Williams 
Senior Pastor Wake Eden 
Community Baptist Church and
Bronx Baptist Church, Bronx, New York

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