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A Nation in Peril

by Bob Gunderson

Pages: 286

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Warfare
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth
  • RELIGION - Christian Ministry - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781630508838

Price : $16.99

What subject is there that does not have a moral aspect to it? From the time we are young, we are taught right from wrong. And for Christians, the moral aspect of any situation is the most important. Throughout history, we can see where people have lost sight of morality and what it means to have the high moral ground. In the face of the enemy, we can be tempted away from this place of following God’s will for us. If we do not understand the high moral ground that has been established by our Creator, we are in danger of being deceived.
In Ceding the High Ground: A Nation in Peril, author Bob Gunderson explains that for Christians to be established in a high moral ground, we must have faith in God and His Word. There will be times when the enemy wants to bring us down from the high moral ground to battle on his level—but, we must never give up this high moral ground. If we lose our standing on the high ground, we risk our safety and compromise the testimony of Jesus Christ.
Discover the importance of maintaining the high moral ground and how we can do this. Learn the ways the enemy has tempted Christians away from the Lord in the past and how we may be led away. We must maintain our high moral ground through our faith and following of God. Dive in to Ceding the High Ground to learn about the eternal, unchanging nature of God and His Law.

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