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U.S. Nation WITHOUT U.S. Justice by Barbara Nichols

U.S. Nation WITHOUT U.S. Justice

employment discrimination v. the appeal processes Betrayal of Public's Trust

by Barbara Nichols

Pages: 348

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Personal Memoirs
  • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS - Workplace Culture
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE - Discrimination & Race Relations

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781631293115

Price : $18.99

From about 1983 through 2009, I was subjected to flagrant discrimination and harassment while working at the two different federal government agencies, and filed formal complaints to stop the discriminatory actions and to gain appropriate relief.
This book tells the story about the strategies and extraordinary measurements implemented by agencies A and B during the administrative proceedings and at the courts that precluded me from bringing forth, revealing, and pursuing my employment discrimination claims relating to Title VII violations.  It also provides me final closure and the healing I was seeking back then during the appeal proceedings from the defamation, and agency-wide humiliation sustained by the years of consistent indifferent and repetitive mistreatment from the White managers at agency A that included for the sake of retaliation: (1) from about 1983 to September 2007, my name had to have appeared on agency A’s ‘blacklist;’ (2) held me hostage in the application-processing branches and forced me along with the other Blacks employed in those targeted branches to relocate to West Virginia; (3) used me as ‘human bait’ because I had the audacity to object to their unfair employment practices; and (4) regularly instigated havoc and prodding aggressive confrontational Blacks to harass and bully me and others throughout the unit all while securing inequality.
Management at agencies A and B regularly secured promotions, career opportunities, and special privileges to the non-African-Americans to ensure they received ideal monthly annuities after retirement.  A few token Blacks received some of those types of special career opportunities, but not the many other employees who were capable and more than willing to learn and perform their jobs at a high level to fulfill the agencies’ expectations and mission.  These latter employees, including myself, just happen to be Black.

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