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How to Save our Planet by E. Roberts Alley

How to Save our Planet

by E. Roberts Alley

Pages: 288

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Social Issues
  • SCIENCE - Earth Sciences - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781631293504

Price : $24.99

How do we escape the temptation to join the Culture War and instead, dedicate our effort to saving our planet? Do facts or emotions answer our concern about climate change? An environmental scientist presents a fresh look at these issues, and challenges you to take the steps necessary now to insure our future.
We as humans have the ability to slow down and potentially stop, the destruction of our environment, and play a major role in our future. Within these pages, we explore specific recommendations that we, as individuals, or employees of industries, businesses, and governments, can use to collectively make a major difference in environmental and natural resource sustainability. Therein lies the purpose of the title of this book, and the dire need for each of us to answer the challenge facing us today.
The book describes the natural abilities of our human race and discusses whether they are sufficient to accomplish the goal. It then reviews historical trends and recent advancements in thinking, in science, and in medicine, which have affected, and continue to revolutionize our technological progress. These trends, successes and failures suggest how we can encourage and finance that progress through private/public partnerships.
We will review government and other data which warn of the likelihood of human-caused global warming, the lack of proof of human-caused climate change, and the true and false “green” efforts practiced today.
For this challenge to be met, this question must be faced regardless of our preconceived notions: Since this universe was not created naturally, can it ultimately be saved naturally? What was God’s part in the creation of our universe, and what will His part be in the future? As unpleasant as this question might be to some, it must be asked and answered if there is any serious hope of saving our planet.
So, the reader is issued a charge, a challenge, to use reason and critical thinking, and not just emotion, to determine if, and how, we can accomplish this critical task.

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