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Creating Crazy by S.K.L.

Creating Crazy

The Unforeseen Consequence of Abuse

by S.K.L.

Pages: 484

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Personal Memoirs
  • SELF-HELP - Abuse

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781631294259

Price : $24.99

In her emotionally revealing memoir, the author shares her Cinderella story of growing up abused and unloved leading her down a road of bad choices and hard experiences. Through the emotional and mental journey, you will feel the effects of her mistreatment, as well as learning about the impacts of abuse on the brain, thus, Creating Crazy came to be. She admittingly is not an expert, but as you read, you will learn as she did the result abuse has on a child’s mind and consequently their adult life. This information will help explain why people with abusive pasts make the decisions they make. It explains as well how destructive prolonged negative emotions can be, changing the chemical make-up in the body, which in turn, can cause serious physical ailments later in life. The harm inflicted on a child can last a lifetime, so it is important to read this book with an open mind in order to understand, learn, and help stop the mental and emotional damage inflicted on our future adults. What we have experienced plays such a large role in who we are and what we believe, and the author showcases this through the dynamic combination of personal stories and research.

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